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It’s no secret that buying a home requires careful planning and considerable expense. Therefore, any list of home buying tips must begin with the advice to first determine your wants and needs, and the difference between them. Ideally, you want to find the balance between perfection and practicality. Ask yourself what you definitely need, what you would love to have, and what compromises you are willing to make. For example, maybe you’d like to have a gourmet kitchen, but you’d be willing to give it up if necessary if it meant having a home office. Avoid becoming prematurely emotionally attached to a home, only to realize that all of its bathrooms are upstairs or in the basement.

Write down your reasons for needing or wanting to look for a new home. Starting a family? Then you might not want to consider condos or town homes. Downsizing? In that case perhaps a condo or town home would be something to think about. Don’t get caught mid-way in the process asking yourself “Why am I doing this?”

Once you’ve decided you’re serious about buying a home, contact The Lesti Team about home loan pre-approval. A member of the team will explain the process if you’re not familiar with it, and can even recommend an appropriate lender or lenders for your specific situation. A pre-approval letter can expedite the home buying process and let sellers and their representatives know you are a serious potential buyer.

Of course, making an offer on a home requires much more expertise than most buyers possess. That’s why it should be done with the assistance of a highly qualified and experienced Realtor familiar with local market real estate values, the many elements of an offer, and how to draft a strong, legitimate one.

Subsequent to your offer on a home, however, the seller has the opportunity to make a counter offer. That is where the negotiation skills and contract experience of a Realtor or respected team such as The Lesti Team can make the difference in the success of the deal. Keep in mind that once negotiation is complete to the satisfaction of all parties involved, the contract becomes a legally binding home purchase agreement that will carry the transaction through the closing of escrow.

If you have questions or concerns about any of the information discussed above, just click on the highlighted words related to your interest, then contact The Lesti Team.

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