Managing The Details Of A Home Sale

Managing the details of a home sale is an impressive way The Lesti Team stands out among Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley Realtors. The sale of your home is The Team’s primary focus all the way through the closing. Here’s a list of some of the things for which The Team will be responsible:

• Consistent communication with the title company. If additional information is needed at any time, or should problems arise, The Team will be there.

• Ensuring that you and the buyer receive copies of all documents pertaining to the transaction.(Proof of receipt in writing will be required of the buyer.)

• Assuring the buyer meets and removes every contingency, and does so within the stipulated time limit. (Any extension needed must be signed by both parties.)

• Informing you regarding the progress of your home’s appraisal and the buyer’s loan application.

• Coordinating the appraiser’s entry to the property,and being available to answer any questions about your home or neighborhood.

• Assuring timely increases in the buyer’s deposit.

• Setting up, coordinating and attending inspections. Keeping you informed of the reports and negotiating on your behalf if any problems arise.

• Communicating with the buyer’s representatives, thereby ensuring timely completion of stipulated repairs.

• Making sure that all documents are ordered, drawn and completed, including your loan pay-off, the buyer’s insurance and all home seller disclosures.

• When possible, having the closing papers drawn in advance of the close of escrow in order to resolve any unexpected problems.

• Delivering your escrow check if desired, and coordinating the buyer’s move-in date

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