Preparing a Home For Sale

Preparing a home for sale can be a challenge, although poor preparation can result in either not selling, or slowly, agonizingly selling your property. The time and expense of doing it right, however, can bring great rewards. Basics such as clearing space and creating open areas can make a substantial difference in the speed and financial return of a sale.

Take it one step at a time. Begin with evaluating your home’s storage spaces, closets and shelves. Divide their contents into discards, donations and keepers, and organize the space as you return the contents you will keep. Consider a garage or yard sale. You might be surprised how much fun and financial return it provides.
Create bright, attractive small spaces. For example, create a reading alcove with a chair, floor lamp and small bookcase. Replace dark or dingy window coverings with light ones. Any neglected windows with even a tiny view? Show them some respect. Hang tasteful curtains, and place a plant or flower arrangement nearby.
By the way, prospective buyers are more likely to favor a home with features that are lacking in their current residence.

Preparing a home for sale will likely include several other important projects. Structural repairs or improvements and enhancing curb appeal are a few. It’s a good idea and much to your advantage to have an experienced professional such as one from The Lesti Team, pay a visit to your home, lend their objective eye to the project, and provide advice regarding the steps needed in preparing a home for showing.

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