Preparing A Home For Showing

Thoroughly preparing a home for showing gives you a much better chance of eliminating potential sale trippers or killers before they’ve had a chance to disrupt the deal. Although most of the following suggestions might seem obvious, we mention them just in case they’ve snuck up on you over the years as your home has aged.

__ Trim shrubbery, mow lawns, replace dead plants and clean up debris.
__ Sweep and wash down decks and patios, and make sure outdoor furniture is clean.
__ Clean and, if necessary, paint the front door and other exterior doors.
__ Pay special attention to the front yard, driveway and entryway.

Home Exterior
__ Accoutrements such as the address numbers, mailbox, exterior lighting, etc. should all be in good repair.
__ Paint as needed.
__ Have chimney(s) inspected for damage.
__ Secure, repair and paint drainpipes and fencing
__ Clean screens and replace if necessary. Repair and paint windows.

__ Wash floors, remove spider webs from corners, walls and ceiling; dispose of clutter, including old paint cans, broken tools and garden implements, etc.
__ Wash the floor and remove unnecessary clutter. Remove vehicles.

Living Areas
__ Brighten interiors with preferably neutral toned paint
__ Professionally clean draperies and carpets.
__ Replace any burned out light bulbs.
__ Clean fireplaces and remove smoke stains from wall and mantle.

__ Clean and polish counter tops, appliances and sinks.
__ Wax floor.
__ Clean oven and range
__ Clean and replace, if necessary, tile and grout

__ Clean and polish all mirrors, glass, chrome and porcelain surfaces.
__ Replace the shower curtain if necessary.
__ Fix faucet drips and leaks
__ Clean and replace tile, grout and caulking as necessary

__ Ensure proper functioning of doors and drawers.
__ Clean, de-clutter and straighten shelves and racks.
__ Neatly arrange shoes and clothes.

__ Take a walk around your home’s exterior with a member of The Lesti Team. Look for, and remove, things such as debris in the yard and gardens, spider webs among bricks and in corners of trim. Do a final check of windows, screens and roof.
__ Walk around your interior as well. Open and close doors, drawers and cabinets to check for and repair squeaks and loose or broken hinges and handles. Check for and repaint chips on doors, window frames and other cabinetry and woodwork.

Paying attention to, and repairing, the things listed here can make a significant difference in the success of a showing and subsequent sale. Of course, an optimum return on your investment cannot be realized unless you and The Lesti Team address the challenges of pricing a home.

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