The Benefits of Using A Real Estate Agent

When it comes to selling one’s home, even the initial decision can be formidable. Finances, timing, market conditions and much more must be considered. That’s why the benefits of using a real estate agent should be considered. If the decision is made to sell, then your team is already in place to assist with subsequent decisions, and tasks and responsibilities requiring expertise with listing, marketing, showing, negotiating and so on. As a homeowner, if you attempt to take on those responsibilities, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed, and even in legal jeopardy. Consider the following points:

Screening and identifying a legitimate real estate agent or well-qualified potential buyer is not always easy. Think twice before planting a generic “For Sale by Owner” sign in your front yard. They can, and do, attract questionable and unqualified agents and looky-loos who can demand hours of your time and emotional energy. The absolute worst scenario – though not an uncommon one — would be having those people be professional thieves using your walk-through or open house as an opportunity to scout your home.On the other hand, a respected and well-known professional real estate team brings with it an impressive roster of agent contacts and qualified potential buyers.

Negotiation is perhaps the most difficult part of the home sale. Successful negotiation requires experience, comprehensive market knowledge and sophisticated communication among other skills. The goal of The Lesti Team is the creation of a win-win outcome that will maximize your investment.

Financing Arrangements
A buyer’s financing arrangements can make or break the purchase of your home. That is why The Lesti Team is glad to share their portfolio of reputable and competitive lenders with buyers and their agents in order to facilitate a transaction.

Is It Worth It?
Ultimately, any money you might save by avoiding paying a commission to a qualified Realtor or real estate team will probably be little compensation. After considering the time you spend, money you might waste on ineffective marketing legal representation, you will likely find the actual savings gained by retaining professionals could be enormous. Do yourself a favor. Once you’ve decided that selling your home is the right thing to do, contact The Lesti Team immediately so an agent can advise you on the art of preparing a home for sale.

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