Dean Castelli

Dean Castelli


Dean is a native-born Northern Californian who spent over twenty years serving the needs of his guests managing boutique hotels and restaurants in Napa, Sonoma, and Marin Counties. Always anticipating and evaluating the needs of guests taught him to be creative, flexible and accommodating in any situation. He has combined this experience with his personal passion of residential real estate ownership and renovation to bring a well-informed enthusiasm for serving his clients’ needs with an honest, hands on, and straight-forward approach.

Coming from a hard-working family of Italian immigrants, Dean learned at an early age the value of home ownership as both a place of comfort and joy and as an investment in the future. He has strong values centered around large family gatherings in his own home or the home of one of his siblings or many cousins. Always willing to lend a hand to family and friends alike, he is a “Jack of all trades” as a skilled carpenter, metal fabricator and all around handy guy.

Dean loves to spend his personal time with his wife and two daughters in their home town of Napa and exploring beyond. He will never miss the opportunity to prepare a home cooked meal for his friends and extended family. He is also an obsessed fisherman, avid cyclist and mediocre golfer.

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